5 Songs From Nucleya That May Not Blow Your Mind But Will Blow Your Speakers

You probably have heard of Nucleya. If you haven’t then look up who composed music for Kapoor and Sons party song – Let’s Nacho. Nucleya was born about five years ago. Not the first one to experiment with different styles of music, nonetheless he was one of the few to have succeeded in this genre. With party culture and  EDM picking up in the country, Nucleya espouses a fresh breed of music that shall put those woofers of yours to good use. Well, also your grooving skills.

In his own words “”With music, when I listen to something which is fresh, new and edgy, I fall in love with it. For example, the film, Gangs Of Wasseypur was so much fun to watch and it was a great inspiration too”

Nucleya began his music journey towards the end of the last century when he co-counded Bandish Projekt. Since then, he has released 14 singles, studio albums and numerous collaborations. He has performed at numerous music festivals around the world including NH7 Weekender, Glastonbury, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Lille 3000 and the Electron Festival. Catch Live Performance of Nucleya at IIM Calcutta fest – Carpe Diem

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5 Facts About Sachin Jigar That You Ought to Know

Sachin-Jigar have been rocking Bollywood with some amazing will-force-you-to-dance beats. They might be the newer musical duo on the block but their numbers have fetched them praise from critics and music lovers of all age group.

Image result for sachin jigar songs

Here are few trivia you probably didn’t know about the duo who gave the country beautiful renditions like Sun Saathiya, Bezubaan, Piya O Re Piya to name a few:

1. Sachin started his singing career at a very early stage. He was born in a suburb dominated by Gujarati speaking population. He used to perform in Garba performances during Navratri festival

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Dubsmash – Smashing the Internet

Two German girls becoming viral on internet for ‘mimicking’ Indian classic dialogues. Well, that is internet for you. If you haven’t heard of Dubsmash, you need to come out of that cave you are hiding in. It has been creating buzz for quite sometime and is not just a fad. From common folks becoming celebrities to celebrities acting as ordinary folks, dubsmash videos is a refreshing content that spans nostalgia, fun, laughter and reminiscing classic dialogues. Dubsmash lets you record a video of yourself, synced to a preselected sound clip, such as a well-known quote from a movie. Bored of the project work while doing a night out, take a break and record a dubsmash video by integrating suitable dialogue to present circumstance. It is a medium of connecting with people and creating memories. Carpe Diem celebrates this millennial culture and is hosting a competition.

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Food Places To Crash At Kolkata

Visiting the City of Joy! Kolkata? Here are some of the places for foodies to make your stay even more joyful. Few of the many many awesome places to eat while in Kolkata and make your stay memorable and yummilicious ;P

1) Flurys

You cannot come to Kolkata and leave without visiting Park Street, the hub of eateries and restaurants in the city. English tea and breakfast, perfect start to the day right? So, here is your first destination for the day. A must visit to see the roots of English culture left behind in one of the first British Colonies of India.


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10 best  Quotes from Harvey Specter

He is smart, witty and effortlessly charming. Harvey Specter, one of the lead characters of the hit USA Network series, Suits, is one man that could get both men and women fall for his charm. He is unapologetic for who he is and sometimes, may come off as arrogant, too. However, there is no denying that he defines business confidence and has lent a new meaning to how sexy cracking legal cases can get. Those suave looks and piercing eyes are to die for, but what really strike are his epic comebacks and spot on replies.

Here are some of his most famous quotes for you to re-indulge in the bliss of watching this living dream.

Oh, that confidence………….

~”When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”

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10 lesser known TV shows that you need to binge watch this season

Freaks and geeks – We’ve all watched the famous shows everybody’s been talking about but this is one show that will make you laugh your heart out and fall in love with the relatable characters. Sadly, there is only one season for us to relish, yet it is worth the time. Directed by two of the most prominent names in the genre, Paul Feig and Judd Apatow, this quirky comedy-drama  is realistic, fresh and poignant.

Bunheads – If you’ve watched and liked ‘Gilmore girls’, you’re definitely going to love this one. A journey of a girl who is passionate about dancing but somehow gets married and starts living in a small town sets the tone of the show. This show too with only one season is humorous, all thanks to the incredible chemistry between characters. You should not miss this one!

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Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay: In search of a name through rural Bengal.

Calcutta is the city of joy and the attractions it holds are many. Written below is the fascinating experience of one of our students, when he goes in search of a name and an identity.

A name is your very identity. And yet, you do not have the power to choose it and most often do not have the power either to change it. Does a name really matter? Are our destinies shaped in any measure by the name we are given? Do we imbibe anything of those who we are named after? If yes, do we also imbibe something of those, who we were named after, were named after in the first place? I do not know and let’s admit it, neither do you. What I do know however is that, for long now, I have been doused by curiosity to know more about this man, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay. In my IIM Calcutta interview, my name struck a chord with the Bengali professor and we had a pleasant conversation on culture. On my first day in campus, as I was being handed the keys to the hostel room, the sombre security man, upon noticing my name, looked up, broke into an unexpected smile, and insisted that I visited Sarat Chandra Kuthi, across the Hugli. And so it was almost inevitable that I would one day visit this place.

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The Magic of CarpeDiem 2016

There are college fests and then there was CarpeDiem. CarpeDiem 2016 was not only bigger and better than its predecessors, but also set an almost impossibly high benchmark for all the fests to follow in the future; If this wasn’t IIM-Calcutta, it would indeed be impossible, but then this is Joka and we only expect things to get bigger and better in the future!

The Joka campus is at most times a peaceful place. Bewitching greenery, serene lakes and interesting wildlife (read snakes and monitor lizards) can snare your senses and make you forget that you are in a B-School. But for those 3 days, the campus had buzz, the campus had noise and the campus had energy. ‘CarpeDiem – Seize the Day’, said we, and boy oh boy, did the participants seize the day indeed; there were scintillating dances, magical performances, stimulating plays and beyond all this, a whole lot of masti.

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Relationship Quotes From TV Shows That Will Melt Your Hearts Away

We should all be so lucky to have someone who will never let us go. The ultimate legacy is to leave behind someone who will love you forever. – Ally McBeal


I thought this was going to be the most difficult thing I ever had to do. But when I saw you walking down that aisle I realized how simple it was. I love you. Any surprises that come our way, it’s OK, because I will always love you. You are the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. – Chandler The King of Sarcasm keeping it real and simple


To love someone, when there is no chance of that love ever thriving, that is romance. – Dawson’s Creek

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Famous One Liners in TV Show History

Oh, my God! They killed Kenny! – South Park

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones

Im not a psychopath. Im a high functioning sociopath – Sherlock

Screw you guys. Im going home – South Park

D’oh! – The Simpsons

Toilet is the last bastion of freedom. And even a toilet can handle one asshole at a time – South Park

Fire Can’t kill a dragon – Game Of Thrones

Democracy is so overrated – House of Cards

How you doin’? – Joey in Friends

That’s my spot – Big Bang Theory

You’re fired – The Apprentice

Omar Coming – The Wire

The game be the game. Play or get played – The Wire

By – Niteen aka RoomMate Back in Boulder

Enchanting Night Life at Laid Back Kolkata

The city of Kolkata is famous for being laid back. The beauty of Kolkata is that time stands still here. One is often left with a  smitten charm while taking in the incoherent surroundings that moves at a glacial pace pervading your senses. Calcutta, they say is a city with a soul. People here are least bothered about materialistic needs and satiate their souls by following their hearts. People in Calcutta savour their life aloof of the mad rush characteristic of other metro cities. It’s the people and their love for indulgence, sparkling talk, art, literature and poetry. It’s the feel of the city, that relaxed easy going atmosphere which encourages you to think and feel nostalgic and create something beautiful.

Addas and Pubs have a cultural significance in this city.  A drink to sit down, smoke and reminiscence of the past or indulge in heated conversation about football, politics, music, movies and philosophy while cooly sipping the fermented drink.

Someplace Else: A place for the music connoisseur. Located in the grand Park Hotel, it imitates a British Pub with limited dance floor yet hosts live music every night of the year. A look at the walls filled with photographs of famous people dropping by since many years, would re assure you the relic that it is. The music is offbeat and original.


Tantra: Another night club in the Park Hotel, it has one of the best dance floor environment. It is often brimming with people and hosts themed parties. The drinks are exotic and scintillating.


Privy Ultra Lounge : Privy is located in Forum Mall at Elgin Road. It serves a plethora of cuisine – Continental, Chinese. The food is delicious and the drinks variegated.


Roxy : The best night club in the city that is a must visit with your friends. Located in the happening – Park Street. The dance floor is a hit and so is the ambience – including the music. It is also part of the Park Hotel. The food and ambience is also very good here. A perfect place indeed to be with your friends for a night. It boasts of the most happening dance floor in the city. Drop in for the time of your life.

By – Niteen aka Eighth Samurai